Join Us!

We invite you to join us for our character building and talent development workshop EVERY SATURDAY offering activities such as


  • Cooking Classes
  • Basic Computer Training
  • Sewing Classes
  • Book reading Club and Bible Study
  • Media Production/ Professional Singing and Voice Lessons

Classes Starting January 20th from 8:30am to 10:15am


Workshop located at the Youth Leadership Center

4045 Bronx Wood Ave.,

Bronx, New York 10466

Well Springing Water Life strives to repair the breach between God and His children by providing them with the spiritual and physical assistance they need to succeed.

Many individuals and families cannot afford to replace worn clothing, and 75% of families in America skip doing laundry so they may afford other necessities such as food, rent, and gas. Organizations that provide food and clothing can greatly help these families by allowing them to spend their money on other necessary items.

We offer spiritual guidance, food and clothing assistance, referrals to temporary shelter, and tutoring to our community’s youth. We recognize the social ties that ministry can provide, and strive to provide this for those in need.