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About Us

Our Mission

To win souls for God, and to help people in their spiritual and physical needs; today, what the world needs is the love of Christ, for the Bible said love never fails (1 Corinthians 13:8).

Well Springing Water Life Ministries Inc. was founded by Minister Vinneth when God bestowed upon her a dream of gathering the lost sons and daughters of the kingdom of God. Minster Vinneth was given this vision from God because of her past experiences, and because of her desire to be a tool for guiding the lost.

God has raised her up to repair the breach and repair the old and wasted places. When God reversed her captivity in 2007, and gave her a new beginning in 2008, He revealed to her that for her former shame, she shall receive double in reward. The Well Springing Water Life Ministries is committed to excellence, and is passionate about the growth of Christians both young and old.

We are devoted to helping people meet their spiritual and physical needs. We recognize that into today’s world, love is a commodity both desperately needed and in short supply. We strive to guide both the lost and the found towards a loving relationship with Christ and each other.

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